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Hi, I'm Jen Friel. I'm autistic, and have a sensory condition called synesthesia.

Let's be weird together!

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I viewed it as "more proper" to follow back and ask if they too have synesthesia vs. posting more content immediately!! This is valuable research at my instagrammable fingertips on a topic that is like describing a color to someone. It's really really hard to do as people's realities of it are different. By doing it this way, I can learn more and hone in more of my own messaging making it more inclusive for fellow...

On Monday April 29th, while zoning out in front of the TV watching Jeopardy (one of my favorite ways to de-stress), with a clear head and heart, I said out loud to my dog:"I am pitching a TV show about power. Why have I not picked up the phone to call the most powerful man in Hollywood?" .... who I have access to via him buying my life rights, trademarks, and intellectual property...