Hi, I'm Jen Friel. I'm autistic, and have a sensory condition called synesthesia.

Let's be weird together!

December 14, 2009

Meet Kili Anderson ... She's a fan of Talking Nerdy ... and um, to state the obvious ... the girl is a knock out!! Grab your large notebooks nerds, you're going to need 'em! FB.init("6f48301c35523d95cdd2e5ae0198234e"); Talk Nerdy To Me Lover on Facebook ...

December 2, 2009

Everyone's favorite 90's nerd welcomed a baby girl into this world with her hubby (who's name is entirely irrelevant to this post) this past Sunday in Los Angeles. Kinda got me thinking ... what would her daughter look like in 18 years? Here is a projected view of Lyla Rose Loeb Hershkovitz and...

November 16, 2009

The newest SnorgTees.com chick is a totally hot nerd. For real ... Check out Christy Medlock Thanks to reader and photographer @RMTPhoto for the pic. Click here to buy some goodies from Snorg, might even see a familiar face or two...