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March 6, 2010

#TalkNerdyToMeLover's Awesome Applesauce: Charles Quevedo    If you're a fan of the paranormal "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" television series (like I was), then you'll probably know who Amber Benson is.  With seductive cat-like eyes, she...

March 6, 2010

Meet Sarah ...     This hottie mchotness is one serious chocoholic. Mmmmmm ... we'd love to Willy her wonka in the hopes of landing that golden ticket. * drool * Rawwrrrrr ...   Meet Sarah and other hot nerds here:   ...

March 5, 2010

HAHAHAAHAHAHAH!! This man cracks me up ... ohhh David Caruso!! Why don't you host the evening news?? You could tell us all about how the world is falling apart with long ... dramatic ... pauses. I'd totally watch! RUH ROH!!! ... look who's back ...WATCH ... OUT ... .... .... ...

March 5, 2010

I looovveeeeeeeee me some OWLE!! Graham just posted this on my Facebook wall - and I TOTALLY felt his pain!!!! ( Can't WAIT until next week when I go skydiving ... AHHH!!!) Watch some serious exposure therapy ...  Graham ... you are a brave, brave, brave...

March 5, 2010

#TalkNerdyToMeLover's Ponder This     If you were to look at  Jordan Daniel Mizell   and see his large 6'6" tall stature, long hair and billy-goat beard sprouting from his chin, you'd probably think he's a tough roadie for a some touring...

March 4, 2010

#TalkNerdyToMeLover Chiquita Doesn't Want a Banana Lady Gaga has taken the music industry as we know it by storm accumulating millions of fans in the process her little monsters as she calls them are loyal if not obsessed fans.  The mainstream music scene is littered with cookie cutter...